Dental Chair Specifications

  • Biarticulated headrest lock system
  • Easy fix system
  • 1 fixed and 1 folding arm with internal steel structures
  • Integrated box
  • Antiskid edging
  • No need to fix on the floor
  • Wide upholstery with several colors options
  • Joystick control pedal with 3 work positions; spitting position and automatic return to zero position
  • Movements blocking system.


  • Delivery unit with pneumatic arm
  • Delivery unit for ambidextrous dental use
  • Flexible, removable and autoclavable handpiece support, protecting them from impact
  • PAD control with a LED negatoscope
  • Pneumatic lock activation
  • Allows up to 5 working terminals (ST + terminals).
  • Support tray
  • Available in the pneumatic FLEX, mechanical FLEX and CART models (optional)
  • Bio System


  • S 400 features an exclusive proximity sensor that automatically activates the water flow into the spittoon, providing greater practicability, patient comfort, security and economy of water.
  • Extended Alcance Arm (Optional).
  • Water unit with proximity sensor and cup holder.
  • Removable bowls with dimension around 220mm diameter round, and purpose perfect disinfections.
  • With movement of 90º, prioritizing the ergonomics and making possible the assistant’s approach in a better way.
  • Water flow adjustment system, which allows cup filling and bowl flush adjustment


LED Lightning Technology

  • Provides greater durability of the light source – over of 50.000h – lasts about 1,000 times longer than the conventional halogen lamps.


  • Different Models  (Optional) 
    5 LEDs – light intensity at 35, 25 and 15 000 Lux. 
    3 LEDs – light intensity at 30, 20 and 10 000 Lux. 
    3×2 LEDs – light intensity at 35, 25 and 15 000 Lux and orange LED 5000 Lux.

New Design

  • Robust and easy to clean. 

Rectangular Light Beam 

  • Ideal size with wide illumination of the operative field. 
  • Minimizes the need for constant repositioning of light beam. 

Sensor Light 

  • Touchless adjustment of light intensity and on/off switch. 

Removable & Autoclavable Holders 

  • Ergonomic design and easy removal.

Front Protection Cover 

  • Removable, it is made of a durable and transparent material. 

Positioning Of Holders 

  • System that allows multiple positions of the holders

Technical Specifications

Product Classification: According to NBR IEC 60601-1.

Power supply: 127/220 V ~ (Selectable internally).

Frequency: 50/60 Hz.

Protection against electric shock: Class I equipment – Type B applied part.

Mode of operation: Continuous, with intermittent load – 1min. work and 4 min. rest.

Protection against harmful penetration of water:

IPX 0 – The entire chair, except the foot control

IPX1 – Foot switch

Power input: 200VA.

Protection fuses: F1 and F2 (127 or 220V ~) = 5A – delayed action.

Lifting capacity: Distributed load of 200 kg (patient mass + accessories and equipment).

Net Weight: 120 Kg.

Maximum load capacity applied in the trays of the equipment: 2Kg.